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The words that he spoke Felt like those of another, Those of a person Far greater than he. Words full of wisdom, And kindness, And humour, Words of a person, The world needed to see. He felt he was worthless, … Continue reading

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Juggling Act

Two friends juggled. The first, with ease. One ball, then two then three. Stripes of multicolour Dashing through the air, Faster and faster Higher and higher. His friend, less sure, Methodically tossed Two balls between two hands. Slowly, steadily. One … Continue reading

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He was a jigsaw piece, But one that didn’t fit. His colours muted In a world too bright; His edges rough and ragged, Whilst others’ were polished smooth. He did not fit. No matter how hard he tried. Sometimes, He … Continue reading

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Have a good time!

They told me to ‘Have a good time!’ And it felt like an order, not one I could follow. I wanted to have a good time, but I knew That I’d smile for the snaps but feel hollow. To have … Continue reading

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Why Write [sonnet]

Why write? They ask, unsure of why I do, But as I pour my words onto the page, I feel the darkness lift, the sadness too, And for some moments I no longer age. Each minute, taking hours on this … Continue reading

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Bed Time

Time to rest a weary head, To leave the world and head to bed. It’s been a day hard fought, but won, And now today is said and done. Days like today are best forgot, Some days are good, today … Continue reading

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Ice Cream

Ice cream in the sun, The first sign of winter-gone. A smile in a cone.

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