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By the Light of the Moon

Your hand in mine With the moon as our guide, I put my arm round you, And hugged hard as you sighed. High on a cliff edge, A lovers’ embrace, Though the truth of your torture Was etched on your … Continue reading

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Before I told you, You were my friend, But those words made Our friendship end. It wasn’t ‘cos I didn’t care, I guess I just felt Kind of scared… Scared that I Might hurt you too? No! ‘cos I didn’t … Continue reading

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Tears in the Rain

She could not tell Where her tears ended And the rain began. Both traced trails Down her tortured face. She sobbed messily, Lacking compassion And hope, both. Words of hate Resounded in her ears. She could imagine Neither feeling dry, … Continue reading

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Broken Friendships

Bruises heal quickly, But hearts are slow to mend. The slowest healing hearts of all Are those of broken friends. Friends left by the wayside, Making way for someone new, Or betrayed by broken promises, Or words that weren’t quite … Continue reading

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The Weight of Lies

She couldn’t believe, The things she had done, The things she had said, The untruths that she’d spun. It didn’t seem real, And she wished it weren’t so, And so she pretended, Her smile always on show. She constructed some … Continue reading

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Self Image

I wish my hair was curly, Said the girl whose hair was straight, And I wish I was flat chested, (She had boobs she’d learnt to hate). I wish I was artistic, Academic is no fun, And instead of being … Continue reading

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Failure becomes you, When you become it, When you’re so used to failing That you dumbly sit, And let success escape you, Lending others its charms, Whilst you embrace failure With welcoming arms.

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The All Seeing Gnome [a children’s poem]

There’s a gnome at the bottom of my garden, And his name is Jeronimo Zee, He has a pink hat, And an old cricket bat, And the brightest blue shirt with long sleeves. He’s a strange little gnome who likes … Continue reading

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Tree of Strength (a poem about resilience)

There’s a tree in my garden, That stands strong and tall, No matter what happens, My tree doesn’t fall. When it is windy Blowing gales and squalls My tree bows and bends But I know it won’t fall. When rain … Continue reading

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Not the End of the World

You say that the world is not ending And I know that what you say is true, But I’m just hanging on to the edge of the world And I can’t see this problem like you. To you it’s a … Continue reading

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