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Coming Home [Haiku]

It is worth leaving For the joy of returning. Exhausted, happy…

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You’re on your way home. Already, I imagine You all in my arms.

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Short Cuts

He looked constantly for shortcuts, But the shortcuts were not there, The roads were long and winding Nestled layer upon layer. He thought that round each corner, He would see ways to cut through, To come closer to an ending … Continue reading

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On the road [Haiku]

Endless tarmacced miles Are winding ahead of me. on the road again.

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Little Legs

With small legs And big heart, She eyed up the wall, To climb Was to fall She surmised.. But she climbed. Then, she fell, (She fell very well) Then she climbed up again And she smiled. As she neared the … Continue reading

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Though the detour felt Unnecessary, Hilly, Winding, And hard to navigate, She got where she was going, Eventually, And though it was hard work And less direct than she’d have liked, As she looked back From the road’s end, She … Continue reading

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You gave your seat

You gave your seat You gave it gladly But she took it, Somewhat sadly. Sad that she was old and grey, And made you give your seat away, To let her rest her weary bones, Amongst commuters glued to phones. … Continue reading

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