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Beautiful Daughter

Am I beautiful? She asked, Eyes searching mine. Yes I replied, Honestly. You are kind, Gentle, Inquisitive, And funny. You are beautiful. She smiled.   

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Pan Full of Feelings

Like water boiling, The feelings came slowly at first, Small bubbles Teasing the surface Testing it. Would it stretch? Would it burst? Small bubbles of fear Anger, Resentment, Upset, Joined together And broke through the surface, Boiling furiously On and … Continue reading

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Tugged Trees [Haiku]

Tugged uniformly, Trees battered, bent in strong winds. They know calm will come.

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The Lie

Although he didn’t lie to her, He did withhold the truth, Which he guessed was kind of similar No innocence, no youth. He told himself twice daily That he did it ‘cos he cared And he never stopped to contemplate … Continue reading

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…And on

It was dark where he came from And cold where he’d been He could never undo All the things he had seen. But he could walk away, Leave those things in the past If he wore the right shoes And … Continue reading

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Day to Night

The day crept off quietly, And curled cat-like in a corner, Resting heavy eyes And breathing heavy sighs. Evening arrived loudly, Subtlety never her forté. Clouds screamed With crimson throats. The birds went wild, Dashing on final errands, Exchanging idle … Continue reading

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My Babies Always

You will be my babies always, Even when you’re fully grown. My babes in arms, My darling ones, You’ll never be alone. At times you might forget me, As you seek out ventures new, But darling girls, My arms will … Continue reading

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