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Heart vs Head

He knew what he should say, What he should do. But did not want to Bow down to the few Who made the rules And told him what to say, He felt so sure There was another way. And so … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload

No quiet sound is louder Than the ticking Of a clock The infuriating rhythm Of a quiet Tock-tick-tock. Most people Just ignore it, Drown it out with other sounds But I cannot For me, the tick-tock-ticking Is too loud. Fists … Continue reading

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Busy Mind

Some days the thoughts Are fast And vast; They swirl And whirl And twirl, Unfurl. They make no sense, Yet feel intense, The stress immense, My muscles tense. Filling head And racing heart, Hard to tell The two apart, Aching … Continue reading

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To my therapist

Words said Cannot be unsaid. Lives led Cannot be un-led. Regretful choices Led me to your room, Where in on those choices You made me zoom. I cannot leave them unspoken, You say, I must share them To make the … Continue reading

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How Are You?

A simple question, But an answer Too complicated to comprehend. She said ‘I’m fine’.. Not because she was, Nor because she was hiding, But because the truth Needed words She had not Yet Mastered.

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Afraid of the Dark

She was scared of the dark And the dark crept in, As the dark crept in, Bad dreams would begin, As the bad dreams began, She would start to shake, Which was why she fought hard To stay wide, wide … Continue reading

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Words Said, Words Heard

The words you say to me Take on a significance Beyond what you intend. For me your words grow, They twist and distort, I make bad out of good, And hate out of love. You say small things, Forgotten almost … Continue reading

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