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Sleep…. no….

Sleep You say But sleep won’t come A stranger takes its place. A stranger with a wandering hand, And very scary face. It grabs me, Beats me, Chases me, And will not let me go. So sleep You tell me … Continue reading

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Hard Night’s Rest [Haiku]

Sleep steals me away… Batters, bruises and breaks me; Spits me out. Refreshed?

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Rewriting Nightmares

Change my dreams Mama, Comes a sleepy voice. A lion is chasing me, And I can’t get away, And I’m scared. Hush little bear, Mama’s here now. Close your eyes. I see the lion, He’s not chasing you, He wants … Continue reading

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A Lullaby to Ward off Nightmares

Hush little darling, dry your tears, Mummy’s here to calm your fears, To make the monsters go away, To make night feel as safe as day, To hold you close, cuddle you tight, Until you’re calm and feel no fright. … Continue reading

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