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The Stranger

On the edges looking in On a life that had been hers, But she’d divvied out to others Whilst she wept. She delegated well To those up to the challenge, And her life continued on Whilst she slept. Now a … Continue reading

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The Best Therapy [Haiku]

Powered by sunshine You bound, your joy infectious. The best therapy.

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My Therapist has Four Legs

My therapist has four legs And a tail, He’s always there When I need to wail. He urges me out, When I need fresh air, When I need a friend, He’s always there. When I need to sleep He’s by … Continue reading

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Mealtime Misery

Each meal is a battle. That I must win I must; I can’t live life so thin. Thin in body, Thin in mind It can’t go on… And yet I find The thought of eating Hard to bear. I wish … Continue reading

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Which Way? 

She wondered the paths of the wood in the spring, Unsure which of the paths she should take. She came to a fork, with a choice of two paths, Was one right and was one a mistake? The one on … Continue reading

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One Day

One day we’ll look back at this time that was hard, And whilst we’ll be tired and battered and scarred, We’ll be alive, and the scars will have healed, And the fact we survived will protect us: a shield. For … Continue reading

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Intruder in my own life

An observer in my own life, I no longer know how To fit in; How to move from the fringes Of conversation And family life. How to laugh Rather than observe laughing. How to play, Rather than watch others play. … Continue reading

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