Panic Beaten

She toppled,
Caught off guard by the attack.
Her own body fighting her.
The breath knocked from her lungs
Whilst dark hands squeezed her neck,
Crushing her,
Choking her.
Strangled and heart beating so fast
It was a blur,
She placed her hands on the floor,
Pushing her broken body up,
Only to be kicked down.
Pounded by fear itself.
Giving up,
She curled,
Accepting the knocks,
The blows,
The burns,
The bruises,
She knew,
Eyes closed,
Brain dark,
Would pass…

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2 Responses to Panic Beaten

  1. calming calamities-allena calyn spangler says:

    so vivid!!!! great poem!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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