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Tangled Yarn

A tangled ball of yarn, Chased into a bird’s-nest-like mess By kittens And demons And woe. This tangled ball of yarn Has more tangling, yet to go. Ends lost, No longer a ball; It might be thrown, It might fall. … Continue reading

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My Therapist has Four Legs

My therapist has four legs And a tail, He’s always there When I need to wail. He urges me out, When I need fresh air, When I need a friend, He’s always there. When I need to sleep He’s by … Continue reading

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To my therapist

Words said Cannot be unsaid. Lives led Cannot be un-led. Regretful choices Led me to your room, Where in on those choices You made me zoom. I cannot leave them unspoken, You say, I must share them To make the … Continue reading

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Let Down Your Guard

Let down you guard, They said, And speak. Did they not know How hard I worked To build that dam And make it watertight? To bury thoughts and feelings, And memories too hard to face? That letting down my guard … Continue reading

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Time to Talk

Speak for she is listening, Today, you will be heard. With open ears, And open heart; She’ll hear your every word. And if the words feel broken, Well, that’s okay as well. You can cry, And hold her hand, Until … Continue reading

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Why must I do what’s hard to do? I’d rather not Okay? Thank you. I know you think That it’s the way To make me well Another day; But what of now? I had felt fine Until You poked Those … Continue reading

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The Therapist’s Waiting Room

She sits, patiently, waiting her turn. Her foot anxiously tapping To the rhythm of the poorly chosen music. Her fingers fiddling with loose threads Of too old chairs. She is silent and appears calm, But inside she is screaming, Her … Continue reading

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