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Would be mute [sonnet]

My head is full of words and yet I’m mute. I cannot find a single word to say. I’m overloaded, crashed, cannot compute, It’s been an overwhelming kind of day. Yet when my fingers find the keys and type, The … Continue reading

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Words Said, Words Heard

The words you say to me Take on a significance Beyond what you intend. For me your words grow, They twist and distort, I make bad out of good, And hate out of love. You say small things, Forgotten almost … Continue reading

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Speak Up

They walked in silence. She urged him to speak, He almost spoke, So many times, But never did. Say something, Anything, She silently urged. Sentences were spoken In his head, Never good enough To speak aloud. I need to know … Continue reading

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If only You had spoken, And used words, Instead of tears, If only You had spelt aloud The nature of your fears. If only I had listened when You spoke in your own way. If only I had known you … Continue reading

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She said what she meant, And she meant what she said, But the things that were going Around in her head Were confusing, Bamboozling, A puzzle to solve, So the words that she uttered Quite quickly dissolved Into words with … Continue reading

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Hidden Scars

When did it become so hard, To tell the truth, And show our scars? When did we decide that we, Must hide our hurt, Our pain, And flee, To distant lands, Within our heads, Emotions hidden, Dulled and dead, Never … Continue reading

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Talking, Squawking

What if we all woke up one day, And couldn’t think of things to say. The World would be a quiet place, With silence stretching into space. We’d look at one another confused, Or maybe just a bit amused. What … Continue reading

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Yes. She said, But she meant: NO! But didn’t know how To tell him so. Okay… She muttered. Feeling sure She didn’t want this Any more.

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