Love and Fear

They did not tell me
That with love, comes fear.
Fear of harm and loss.
Fear of being not quite good enough.
As you grew in my womb, I felt only love.
Now, I feel love, and fear both.
The more I love,
The more I fear;
Potential loss with my love grows.
But I cannot love you less,
I would not try,
For loving you makes my world feel complete.
And so, I’ll pay the price,
For loving you with all my heart.

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3 Responses to Love and Fear

  1. Hi Pooky, this is a fabulous poem in that I get it, and I relate to it. Loving someone is so often fraught with fear of losing them and not being good enough. For me I have expressed these fears with my loved one and trust in her response that she sees me as the man I am and I can do not more than that. Trust the ones around you Pooky who love you for the woman you are….best wishes, take care…xox

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