Reach for the Stars – a children’s poem

It was early in May,
And the moon shone bright,
As Ellie looked out
At the starlit night.

The stars looked so pretty,
Hung up in the sky,
Ellie wished she could hold them,
She decided to try.

She stood up on tippy toes,
Arms reaching high,
She was certain her fingers,
Would soon reach the sky.

She stretched and she groaned,
Reaching far as she could,
But she just couldn’t reach them,
And that was no good.

She looked all around her,
And saw a big tree,
She climbed it, determined
As a small girl could be.

When she got to the top,
She held tight with one hand,
And reached out with the other,
And she thought ‘Yes I can!’

And she could! And in moments,
She held tight a star,
Incredibly proud
That she’d reached up so far.

And from that day on,
Ellie knew quite for sure,
If you think that you can’t,
Then you must try some more.

Reach for the Stars - a poem by Pooky

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6 Responses to Reach for the Stars – a children’s poem

  1. The child in us must try
    as your little Ellie just did
    to reach for the stars in our everyday
    to realise the skills we each have
    to be the best we can
    we too must try that bit harder
    for no telling what stars
    we may reach, discover, explore.


  2. wbdeejay says:

    This is a beautiful take on making that effort until you succeed. Something for adults to be reminded of when they become jaded from repeated failure.


  3. Line says:

    Super-adorable! 🙂


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