By the Light of the Moon

Your hand in mine
With the moon as our guide,
I put my arm round you,
And hugged hard as you sighed.

High on a cliff edge,
A lovers’ embrace,
Though the truth of your torture
Was etched on your face.

We hadn’t come strolling
Up here for the view;
You’d gone on ahead,
I was searching for you…

In a brief note you’d outlined
Your intended fate,
Your words read like a nightmare,
Would I be too late?

I ran on behind you,
Afraid you’d be gone,
Swallowed up by the sea
As the waves pounded on.

But I wasn’t too late;
By the light of the moon,
I could see you,
Would you think I’d arrived too soon?

Did you really intend
To dive into the waves,
To fall into the darkness
And a watery grave?

Or did you hope that I’d find you
And talk you back down,
And beg you and plead you
‘Don’t let yourself drown’?

I don’t know, I won’t ask you,
But please know I’m here now,
And we’ll find a way forwards
Together somehow.


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3 Responses to By the Light of the Moon

  1. rwtg251 says:

    Beautiful. Gave me shivers! Love the open ending too, story doesn’t end just because they’d been talked down off the ledge.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Spooky Pooky! I’m glad it ended well. Love the way you always have a story.

    Liked by 1 person

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