Dear Daddy

I can go anywhere,
When you are my guide,
I’m not scared of monsters,
When I’m by your side.

If things look a bit tricky,
I know that you’ll help,
And you’ll come to my rescue,
If I give a yelp.

When I sit on your shoulders,
I’m King of the World,
I feel like a dragon
Whose wings are unfurled…

Ready for action,
Ready to fight,
Ready to battle
A dastardly knight.

And when it is bedtime,
And our day is done,
I can’t wait for the next one,
I know we’ll have fun.

And then you sing to me,
So softly and sweet,
Good thoughts travel with me,
As I drift off to sleep.


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4 Responses to Dear Daddy

  1. pjmcc2014 says:

    Heart warming indeed..

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  2. Yu/stan/kema says:

    I like this poem. I think it is good. I like the picture too. It reflect’s the poem’s message.


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  3. A lovely poem and picture of father and child.

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