Before I told you,
You were my friend,
But those words made
Our friendship end.

It wasn’t ‘cos
I didn’t care,
I guess I just felt
Kind of scared…

Scared that I
Might hurt you too?

‘cos I didn’t know
What to do…

But you did nothing..
..walked away..

I just did NOT
Know what to say.

Nor did I,
But I needed you.
We could have worked out
What to do.

Next time just listen,
And stay calm,
If I talk of
My self-harm.

Then help me
To find someone who,
Can help me see
This battle through.

I promise that I’ll try..
I will…
We’ll walk together
Up this hill.

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4 Responses to Disclosure

  1. words4jp says:

    I could have used these words a week ago.

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      • words4jp says:

        I am fine. I am dealing with what your piece is describing. I finally allow myself to open up to someone, fall in love with them – take their promises of unconditional acceptance to heart and then, bam – seems I am full of “emotional turmoil”. People don’t get it – I do not need someone to fix me, or even hold me up – that is what walls are for – but for someone to accept me and love me for who I am. Who listens. Geez, I sat and listened to him for two hours drunk as a skunk, repeat himself over and over again discuss his insecurities… I never complained, I never ran away, I listened. I loved him – I still love him – that is the problem with unconditional acceptance and love – you just can’t turn it off. I am idiot – I should have never let myself get in this position again. It hurts too much. And I have wasted time, time I can’t afford to waste.


      • PookyH says:

        Im sorry to hear that. That sounds crushing. You deserve ti be listened to and loved. I hope the next time you trust simeone you will not be dusappointed.

        Thinking of you xxx


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