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Tea Leaves and Horroscopes

She stared into the candle flame, Convinced it held her fate. She was the type who wanted answers Handed to her on a plate. She always read her horoscope Religiously each day, And she worried if her tea leaves Landed … Continue reading

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By the Light of the Moon

Your hand in mine With the moon as our guide, I put my arm round you, And hugged hard as you sighed. High on a cliff edge, A lovers’ embrace, Though the truth of your torture Was etched on your … Continue reading

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The rain drop hits the window, And follows the path, Of the droplets before it. It knows just where to go, What to do, And follows its predestined path Unhesitatingly. Some days, I wish I could be more like the … Continue reading

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Dear Husband

Have you ever stopped to wonder, How different life would be, If you’d found yourself another And you hadn’t married me? Would you live inside a different house, With different dogs and cats? Would your children be quite different too? … Continue reading

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Recovering Fate

Do you ever get the feeling That your thoughts are not your own, That the things you see were seen before, And now you’re being shown?   Do you ever get the feeling That you really don’t decide, Where your … Continue reading

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