Help Me to be a Better Friend

I don’t know how to be with you,
I don’t know what to say.
I want to be a help to you,
But you push everyone away.

I know that things are hard right now,
And that you feel alone,
You cannot bear my company,
But feel sad on your own.

Please tell me what to say or do,
To be a better friend,
I’m happy to take orders,
To help your head and heart to mend.

Can I wash the dishes?
Take the dog out for a walk?
Maybe when you’re ready,
I can listen whilst you talk?

Just tell me what to do please,
As I worry every day,
That my efforts are pathetic
As you slowly ebb away.

I care about you deeply,
And I really want to try,
To be a better friend to you,
And help you through this time.


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7 Responses to Help Me to be a Better Friend

  1. This sounds like a post breakup friendship. Nicely written.


    • PookyH says:

      I always find it interesting to hear how people interpret things… In fact I’m finding it hard to know how to be a good friend to a friend who is fighting depression but I reread it with your interpretation and that made sense too…


      • meerjack says:

        Yes you have done fair justice to the emotions u wanted to show through your poetry. I have a friend who is going through rough patch of her life and if I have to say something to her, there cant be better words than your poetry. Simple n touching.


  2. cheerythunder says:

    I enjoyed this. Sometimes I feel bad for my friend and family. But also sometimes I don’t know what help I need or how to express it.


  3. OnTheWay... says:

    Your friend is blessed to have you xx


  4. I’m glad i read your comment above after reading this one Pooky. I hope you do have some success in reaching out to your friend. Best wishes.


  5. martha0stout says:

    And sometimes they don’t listen because we can’t talk about it yet, but they hang with us and maybe give us a slushie.

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