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Ankles Grabbed

Ankles grabbed I’m drowning As I sink into the dirt Ankles grabbed I struggle But the struggle makes it hurt Ankles grabbed I breathe my last And settle in the mud Ankles grabbed I nestle Wrapped in sinew, dirt and … Continue reading

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Sun Shine and Tears

Why is it When the sun shines, That my mood sinks; I feel sad? The brightest, Nicest, Sunny days, All leave me Feeling sad. Is it the weight of expectation That these summer days all bring That make me feel … Continue reading

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When the Rain Falls

When the rain falls, I feel more able To face the world. It’s strange. The sun Makes me shrink away; Unable to live up to the expectation A bright day brings. Blue skies make me grey. But grey skies Make … Continue reading

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It’s Complicated

When she said that she wished The ground would swallow her up, It was not embarrassment that drove her. Not self-pity or shame. It was pure self-hatred. Never had she wished it more than now. If there were an easy … Continue reading

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Voids filled with voids And blanks filled with blanks, Each day was a hole, For which he gave no thanks; For each day was a pit, Filled with nothing but air, No thoughts And no feelings, Not even despair. Emotionless, … Continue reading

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Have a good time!

They told me to ‘Have a good time!’ And it felt like an order, not one I could follow. I wanted to have a good time, but I knew That I’d smile for the snaps but feel hollow. To have … Continue reading

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Tumbling Down

How could it be, he wondered, That one minute, things were fine. It was a good day of sunny mind, Then, for no reason, he suddenly Fell In A Hole? Climbing out Took far longer Than falling down. He had … Continue reading

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