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Crescent Smile

[in memory of Grandpa, one year on] The crescent moon smiles down at me, Although my day was sad, A year since my Grandpa passed, A year less good than bad. I hide away in bed afraid Seek refuge in … Continue reading

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The only thing we felt was love today; A love for life and a man, great. Today was void of pity, hurt or shame, The last thing on our minds was hate. We drank to you and toasted memories, Of … Continue reading

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Remembering [Haiku]

Soft scented roses Share memories on the breeze Never forgotten. — Today marked ten years since I lost my grandmother. I visited her rose at the crematorium today. I like to think she’d be pleased that my grandpa’s funeral will … Continue reading

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Long Distance Hugs [Haiku]

Folded in your arms I feel safe and warm and loved. The journey: worth it! — I drove 162 miles for a cuddle with close friends who have even more memories of my grandpa than me. 

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Missing You

How can you miss someone You’ve never met? Asked a friend, Who did not understand. We were parted by thousands of miles, But I still, Went to you, When I needed a hand. Your hand nestled in mine, I felt … Continue reading

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Memories of John

[For John Adie on the day of his funeral] I knew just a small part Of this clever man, John, My friend’s Dad – whose stories Most always outshone, The books that I read or the films that I saw … Continue reading

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Gone Too Soon

Time was short, But love was strong, Whilst you were cuddled tight. Taken from us, Far too soon, But not without a fight. In your short life, You were so strong, You fought To stay here longer, To nestle in … Continue reading

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How Could You? (A poem to aid discussion about bereavement)

I can’t believe you left me. I can’t believe you’ve gone. I can’t believe you’ve gone and died, Now everything feels wrong. I can’t imagine smiling. I can’t imagine joy. I can’t imagine feeling like A normal girl or boy. … Continue reading

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Another Day Without You

In my sleep it’s all alright again, I laugh, I run, I play, Then my 6am alarm sounds And I must face another day. Another day without you, With no saviour by my side, No companion to share anecdotes, You’re … Continue reading

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Help Me to be a Better Friend

I don’t know how to be with you, I don’t know what to say. I want to be a help to you, But you push everyone away. I know that things are hard right now, And that you feel alone, … Continue reading

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