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Everything is Okay Now

Time had passed, Yet they started Mid-sentence Like the cliché They felt as though They’d never been parted. They talked of times old And jobs and houses new (The brief pauses were few) The words fell from them Enveloping them … Continue reading

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Observation of a Friend

She observed her friend, Smiling, Broken, So hurt by one she once loved. The physical wounds healing, The emotional wounds ragged and raw. Each day, the friend applied make up And a smile, And she faced the world. She would … Continue reading

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I Didn’t Hear

I listened, But I didn’t hear The words you said to me. I thought I knew You through and through; But what I chose to see, Was somebody quite different, Somebody okay. Somebody who tried to help Ease loved ones’ … Continue reading

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You needed me, I needed you, You loved me And I loved you too, And so it was We found our way Through sob-filled nights And darkened days. On days when things feel Bleak and sad, The worst bits never … Continue reading

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My problems felt big, Until you told me yours. Until I saw the way your pain Ravaged you, Physically And mentally Whilst you tried to stay composed. You sat, with a smile on your face, And told me of your … Continue reading

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Unseeing (sonnet)

If you could see the way that you are loved, And feel that love, if only for a day, You’d see that in our eyes you are enough, And start to see yourself a different way. You beat yourself with … Continue reading

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It’s hard to be friends… 

It’s hard to have friends Filled with hatred, Who don’t like themselves, The girl thought, She loved her friend dear, But he made it quite clear That he didn’t think that she ought. For the hatred that burned Deep inside … Continue reading

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