Sitting at the edge of nowhere,
Looking far and wide,
Scared of all that’s out there,
Scared more of what’s inside.
Tormented by the Devil,
Taunted by my mind,
Introspection’s dangerous
When you don’t like what you find.
Dangling from the precipice,
Afraid that I might fall,
More afraid that I might jump
And quickly end it all.
Looking for an answer.
An answer I won’t find,
For it’s lost around a corner,
In the maze that is my mind.

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10 Responses to Introspection

  1. Wonderful! I can feel the pain.


  2. wbdeejay says:

    Dangerous indeed. Know these feelings too well.
    Sorry if you are feeling overwhelmed or scared by this. I’m here if you want to talk. Long hugs for you.
    Peter x


    • PookyH says:

      Thank you. You’re very kind. X

      I’m okay really. Sometimes I step backwards for a moment into the shoes I once wore. It tends to be fleeting, especially if I write it down and move along.

      Perhaps that makes no sense?…

      It’s been a long day but I’ll be home to Tom soon. His hugs are the best medicine.


      • wbdeejay says:

        I understand perfectly. Glad you could express it and move on. It’s really quite a wonderful poem!
        Virtual hugs then, until you get home.
        Peter x


  3. Introspection is dangerous, yet once faced, becomes either refreshing or depressing 🙂 Lovely poem.


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  5. So well expressed Pooky. Ive been there, so glad its in the past. X


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