Tea Leaves and Horroscopes

She stared into the candle flame,
Convinced it held her fate.
She was the type who wanted answers
Handed to her on a plate.

She always read her horoscope
Religiously each day,
And she worried if her tea leaves
Landed in a certain way.

She thought the stars or tea leaves
Held the answers to her fate,
But in truth the only way to tell
Her future was to wait…

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6 Responses to Tea Leaves and Horroscopes

  1. Some people hang on to hope don’t they.
    Merry Christmas Pooky, hope you and your family have a great day.

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  2. Another insightful poem, sounds a lot like me, I read all my horoscopes and hope the good bits are true. Hope you had a very happy Christmas.

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  3. Having a lovely time with my son, daughter in law and new baby in Spain, enjoying a Feliz Navidad together.

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