The moment when
The perfect gift,
Complete with bows and ribbon,
Is handed out
From ‘neath the tree
And now the gift is given.
The giftee holds it in two hands,
And gives a gentle squeeze
(But perfect presents are not often
Guessed with speed or ease).
The giftee shakes it gently,
Anticipation building now;
And suddenly your nerves are shot,
And now you’re not sure how
You came to buy this ‘perfect’ gift,
Which might be very wrong,
You’ve waited weeks to give it,
The unwrapping won’t take long.
On tenterhooks you watch
As layers of paper fall away,
Watching closely trying to fathom
Words that no words say.
Will a flicker of a smile
Pass their lips as all’s revealed,
Or will they be disappointed once their present is unsealed?


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2 Responses to Unwrapping

  1. topazo says:

    Ah…the joy of seeing the radiance on the receiver once the gift is unwrapped….priceless! Merry Xmas

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  2. Picking the perfect gift isn’t easy, but its so nice when someone loves their present,

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