Share a Photograph [Kindness Prompt #1]

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I really enjoy performing acts of kindness big and small and it’s something that many people within my social network seem to seek great pleasure in also.  I thought I’d have a go at sharing ideas for acts of kindness, hopefully to inspire you to join in.

The first one is very simple – it’s simple to share a photograph of something that makes you smile.  You can share it with your social network or face to face with someone.  Just take a moment to pause, smile and share what makes you happy about the picture.

If you join in, please leave a comment to share how it went or tweet me @PookyH with #BeKind.

In response to the prompt – I’m sharing pictures of the sunrise in Croydon this morning.  My children call this time of day Moon Set.  It makes me smile because it signals a new beginning each day.  No matter how tough yesterday was, today is fresh, new and beautiful as the sun rises.

Here are some of your responses – thank you for joining in.


@EleanorHarwood: Family Boxing Day seaside walk; daughter with stick!


‏@OCPDme: My wife’s taste in welly socks.




User Actions Follow @colchestersoup: made by an organisation that trains special needs adults – CADOWS clacton, I just gave them the plans. Double win.

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