The Weight he Carried

It was a small weight to carry.
It fitted in the palm of his hand,
Could be popped into a pocket
And almost forgotten about.

As he walked around each day,
His fingers were drawn to it,
Small and smooth,
Nestled in his pocket,
Amongst sweet papers
And loose change.

He never spoke of it,
This weight he carried,
And somehow his silence made it grow,
Until soon his pocket was bulging,
And the weight grew too large
To hide away.

Too embarrassed to ask for help,
Carrying such a small burden,
He struggled on.
It made him slow
And miserable.
It made him ache,
And yawn.
It made him a shadow…

And still the weight grew.
Until one day,
A friend approached,
To share the weight.
How did you know
About this weight I carry?
He asked his friend.

I know,
Because I carry one too
Said his friend,
Opening his palm
To reveal
A small, smooth, weight.

As the two walked,
Bearing the heavy weight together,
It grew smaller.
It fitted in his pocket again.
But no more hiding,
He decided,
This weight was better shared.

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6 Responses to The Weight he Carried

  1. septembersrose says:

    Very clever depiction of how we are better off sharing life and burdens with others than struggle on our own

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  2. jfb57 says:

    Like this!
    *check the spelling in the title please

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  3. Bastet says:

    A lovely metaphor making for a great write … bravo!

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  4. Yeay Pooky – I’ve just found your poetry! How did I miss this when we were chatting on twitter a while back? Now I’ve stopped hiding it’s funny how feelings can be so strong that sometime prose isn’t enough; I’ve started writing poems too and never saw it coming! Thank you for yours, I’m excited to be following your work.

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  5. Beautifully written, well observed and very true. Its better to share problems with others than to struggle on alone.

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