The Protagonist’s View

He told it differently.
His memory
Was not of the life she lived,
The way she felt,
The way things were
To her.
She recalled
He glossed over that.
Did he feel no regret?
Or did he try to forget?
Was he right
And she wrong,
Singing the words
Of a misremembered song?
Or was it simply that
Over the years,
The same song
Sounds differently
To different ears?

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1 Response to The Protagonist’s View

  1. Was talking along similar lines to this on Monday. I remember the bad times, the regrets, and the failings because they stand out in my memory. Then I was reminded why I take photographs – because without those pictures, I don’t easily remember the good times and the joy and the successes. So easy for two different people to remember the same things in very different ways x x

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