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Crescent Smile

[in memory of Grandpa, one year on] The crescent moon smiles down at me, Although my day was sad, A year since my Grandpa passed, A year less good than bad. I hide away in bed afraid Seek refuge in … Continue reading

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False Memories Framed

Stuck in a photo frame, A memory with no meaning. Forced smiles And feigned jollity, Captured in a moment Of quiet between storms (Both literal and metaphorical). It sits on your mantelpiece. Pride of place for a false memory, So … Continue reading

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The Protagonist’s View

He told it differently. His memory Was not of the life she lived, The way she felt, The way things were To her. She recalled Fear, Sadness, Longing. He glossed over that. Did he feel no regret? Or did he … Continue reading

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Un-Special Moments

I try to make the time stand still, It cannot help but pass, I want to keep this moment, Is that much too much to ask? This moment is a precious one, But not for why you think, This moment’s … Continue reading

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I thought I could trust you, It seems I was wrong. You saw I was vulnerable, Sang a new song. I believed every word, You took me for a fool; The fool that I was For believing it all.

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Remembering or Reimagining?

Do you trust your own memory? Does it tell you the truth? Or do you sometimes ask questions And look for more proof? Remembering feels like Watching a video play, But in fact our mind Often decides its own way, … Continue reading

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