Impatient by Nature

They say that to wait
Is a pleasure itself,
But I must disagree,
It’s not good for my health.
I’m impatient by nature,
I want things done now,
I’m more bothered by when,
And less bothered by how.
So when I’m left waiting,
I huff and I grunt,
And if I’m quite honest
I become a right sod.
But I just cannot help it,
I do try my best,
But to wait for too long
Leaves me angry and stressed.


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3 Responses to Impatient by Nature

  1. Ponder says:

    I’ve found you again–yaaayy! New blog for me–you’re invited, but no obligation!


  2. Love this poem, it really resonates with me. I was such an impatient person, I could be quite rude at times – let’s face it, I could be a bitch. However, as my illness progresses, to save my sanity, I’ve had to learn patience. It’s not been easy but my life, and the life of my carers, is mostly more peaceful as a result. I find mindfulness meditation helps me. Of course I still have my hissy fit times, but my sister has noticed and comments on the change in me.
    Also love what you did with that one line ?rhyme. Very clever. 🙂

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