Self Image

I wish my hair was curly,
Said the girl whose hair was straight,
And I wish I was flat chested,
(She had boobs she’d learnt to hate).
I wish I was artistic,
Academic is no fun,
And instead of being good at chess,
I wish that I could run.

But I wish that I was good at chess,
Her athletic friend replied,
And if I had a fuller figure
I would walk around with pride.
My curly hair’s a nightmare,
And although I paint alright,
I’m terrible at maths and stuff,
Even if I try all night.

I think that you’re both perfect
Said a friend of both the girls,
Whether you have dead straight hair
Or whether you have curls..
It doesn’t really matter,
It just matters what’s inside,
And I know that you both try hard,
And you’re funny and you’re kind.

So please leave behind your hang ups,
Maybe try for just one day,
To evaluate your worth
In a completely different way.


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4 Responses to Self Image

  1. nikeytoheart says:

    This literally made my day =)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Pooky, this is really an important message to young women, in particular, although even those of us who are “older” can certainly relate. What a kind and gentle way to express this truth!

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  3. janeager says:

    Well put over. Please may I use this in a ladies conference I’ve got to talk at on Saturday?


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