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To Stop or To Go On

To stop Or to go on? A question I often Ask. I Find myself At crossroads often. Standing, staring Into the road Beyond me Unsure.. It’s hard. What’s ahead Is uncertain Dark But What’s past Has streetlamps Sputtering, failing; Also … Continue reading

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It isn’t very hard to rhyme

It isn’t very hard to rhyme, Provided that you have the time, To gently play around with words, And make sure they don’t sound absurd. If you do it for a while, (And you find it makes you smile) You … Continue reading

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Poetry Writing

All it takes is one line, And the rest of it’s fine, But sometimes that one line is elusive. You hunt high, You hunt low, But the words will not flow, And your poem is far from conclusive. You put … Continue reading

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Writing Away my Woes

When I write my worries down, I box them up, And I don’t drown, In little things, That bother me, Or deep dark things, That eat at me. With words I can Contain them all, And no longer, Do they … Continue reading

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Spelling Spells (a children’s story poem)

There once was a girl, With a magical power, That provided enjoyment, Hour after hour. She was never alone, And she never got bored, Because her magical skills Almost always insured There was someone to play with, And plenty to … Continue reading

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