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The Lie

Although he didn’t lie to her, He did withhold the truth, Which he guessed was kind of similar No innocence, no youth. He told himself twice daily That he did it ‘cos he cared And he never stopped to contemplate … Continue reading

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Friendship Forms

I’ll teach you and protect you, Just as well as I know how. I’ll make sure you learn the things That I’ve learnt up ’til now. I’ll love you and I’ll cherish you, And take you by the hand And … Continue reading

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Trust Fragmented

Once broken, trust will not repair. We try collecting every shard and fragment, And Assembling something that closely resembles What once we loved; But the glue will not bind, And some fragments remain elusive. We continue… Trying to see things … Continue reading

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Broken Trust

[This is not about me and my husband] Without trust, We’re nothing, It’s all that we’ve got. The rest incidental, Without trust we’re not One, we are two, Not a pair, But two halves, Who once were a whole, But … Continue reading

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