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Coming Home [Haiku]

It is worth leaving For the joy of returning. Exhausted, happy…

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Deep below the streets of London, Men and women hurry by. They’re walking round in tunnels And they never see the sky. They don’t know if it’s raining, They don’t know if it’s fine, The only thing they know for … Continue reading

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Better Weather

Cold autumn morning Left behind in London Town In Spain, the sun shines

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The Things I Didn’t Learn at School

When I was small, I learnt at school About important things, Like how to write, And how to draw, And why the black jay sings. But some things I just didn’t learn, Which leave me quite unsure, About the proper … Continue reading

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Virtual Kisses

Dear darlings Thank you for the smiles, That you sent Across the miles, With your waves And kisses blown; Into my journey Love has flown. And as I travel Back to you, I’m filled with love And joy right through.

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The Rush Hour Commute

My head is in your armpit And your bag is on my toe. The lady standing opposite’s Pink thong is out on show. We’re crammed into a carriage, Of a London rush hour train, And the floor’s a sea of … Continue reading

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Coming Home

There’s a special way I feel When I’m coming home to you, When I know your arms await me, And there’s nothing more to do But relax into your cuddles, And hear tales about your day, As we knock together … Continue reading

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Itchy Feet

My mum has got this problem, That the doc can’t seem to treat. It’s a tickly scratchy problem, It’s a problem with her feet. She tells me that they’re itchy, And the itch won’t seem to go; I’ve tried to … Continue reading

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Tearful Farewells

Now be brave, And say goodbye. Do your best, Try not to cry. You won’t be Parted for too long. Goes Dad’s familiar Leaving song. As Mum goes off, For work again, Reluctantly, Aboard the train. Dad’s words are meant, … Continue reading

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Rush Hour in London

Always in a hurry, But getting nowhere fast, Busy, busy, busy, Pushing to get past. Forgetting all our manners, As we elbow, push and shove; Rush hour’s the only time Brits jilt the queues we love. We’re desperate to ascend … Continue reading

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