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The Too Tired Snail

The snail struggled under heavy load; Each worry he would carry, and they weighed. Mounting worries weighed him down, so he slowed; He worried he would not get far today. The added worry left him feeling grey, But he knew, … Continue reading

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The Philosopher [sonnet]

His life felt like an itch he could not scratch, Each day he tried, of his life, to make sense, The puzzle pieces, jumbled, would not match; He sat on pause, when would good times commence? With time though, he … Continue reading

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Retelling [sonnet]

If you could write one chapter of a life, And write it well and change the way things passed, Would you attempt to quell a lifelong strife, Or do small goods and watch their impact last? Is it better to … Continue reading

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Be You

Please never be ashamed of who you are. Appreciate that we are all unique. You may think you are odd, even bizarre Whilst others may admire your sleek mystique. It’s okay to be different, just be you. No one can … Continue reading

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Unseeing (sonnet)

If you could see the way that you are loved, And feel that love, if only for a day, You’d see that in our eyes you are enough, And start to see yourself a different way. You beat yourself with … Continue reading

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Walk Away [sonnet]

You blame yourself though you are not to blame, You question whether you were right to leave, You knew that things could never be the same, And hoped that leaving would, your pain, relieve. Your pain moved from your body … Continue reading

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Why Write [sonnet]

Why write? They ask, unsure of why I do, But as I pour my words onto the page, I feel the darkness lift, the sadness too, And for some moments I no longer age. Each minute, taking hours on this … Continue reading

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