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Faulty Vision

The self he could see And the self that was he, Were not the same self As his mind wasn’t free To see things as they are, It was withered and scarred And it tainted his vision Now feathered and … Continue reading

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Myself and I

I look in the mirror and it tells me dark lies; It shows me a woman I’ve learnt to despise, It shows me a woman who’s bad through and through, Who’s wicked and ugly and arrogant too. It shows me … Continue reading

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Be You

Please never be ashamed of who you are. Appreciate that we are all unique. You may think you are odd, even bizarre Whilst others may admire your sleek mystique. It’s okay to be different, just be you. No one can … Continue reading

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Unseeing (sonnet)

If you could see the way that you are loved, And feel that love, if only for a day, You’d see that in our eyes you are enough, And start to see yourself a different way. You beat yourself with … Continue reading

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It’s hard to be friends… 

It’s hard to have friends Filled with hatred, Who don’t like themselves, The girl thought, She loved her friend dear, But he made it quite clear That he didn’t think that she ought. For the hatred that burned Deep inside … Continue reading

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Just be you

Never change, Stay as you are, Do not cover up your scars, Or smooth your wrinkles, Dye your hair, Or wear tum-flattening underwear. And do not change The things you say, For what you wish And hope and pray. Please … Continue reading

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Wobbly Bits

She’d been a little short of cash, And saw the advert, feeling rash She’d called the number, Volunteered. It was as strange As she had feared. The students came in twos and threes, Here to paint her knocking knees, And … Continue reading

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And so she drank

Disappointed, She looked at her bounty. Two cats, one fish, A child that didn’t love her, And a husband, estranged. Her time had been wasted. The oxygen she breathed Better spent on another, And so she drank. Oblivion, her only … Continue reading

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Never Good Enough

You look at me with ill-disguised despair, Ashamed of what you see before your eyes, Undressed by your emotion I am bare. Your body shakes, you’re choked with muffled cries. I hate that I have made you feel this way, … Continue reading

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We take the love we think that we deserve. But why? They ask. Hushed tones behind closed doors. Why does she stay? Does she not have the nerve To leave? They ask, and condemnation pours. They judge, but never try … Continue reading

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