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Fresh Blood

He knew no way to manage That wasn’t this way, And always, If he found that he’d had a bad day, He reached out for his blade And then out his pain played In the wounds he created And the … Continue reading

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Unkindness of Strangers

She felt unwelcome in her own life; Like the grey old lady hair You found in your school dinner as a kid. She repulsed those around her, Who wanted to carry on As if she wasn’t there, Unwelcome, unwanted. But … Continue reading

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Fading scars

There was a time When I hated the scars, Criss-crossing, Ragged, Raw. Telling my story To those who cared to see. Ashamed, I covered them, Hid them from view Hid them from the judgement of the World. Time has passed, … Continue reading

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Hidden Scars

When did it become so hard, To tell the truth, And show our scars? When did we decide that we, Must hide our hurt, Our pain, And flee, To distant lands, Within our heads, Emotions hidden, Dulled and dead, Never … Continue reading

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Some wounds heal perfectly, The edges neat and smooth, The scar a small reminder Of what happened long ago. Some wounds heal less neatly, Ragged edges don’t quite match,

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