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Shepherder Of Woes

When you cry, it breaks me; It tears me up inside. Your tears feel like my tears, I feel like I’m the one who cries. But I’m your Mum, And must stay strong, A shepherder of woes. I dab your … Continue reading

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Winter Willow

Naked, Bare of all her leaves, The winter willow sighs. Where once was hope, Lay empty boughs, With no leaf-green disguise. But hope will come With springtime Soon, And beauty will return. But in these Long, Dark Winter months, She, … Continue reading

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Christmas Tree Past

One of the sadder sights You’ll see, Is a long-forgotten Christmas tree, Stripped of baubles, Tinsel and lights, Needles brown, No more delights, To be found in this Once loved tree, That was the hub For a family, On Christmas … Continue reading

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Outwardly Smiling

You see a smile And look away. “She’s not depressed.” I hear you say. “She’s smiling, laughing, full of fun.” Believe me, I’m not the only one Who’s sad inside, But brave of face,

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Mixed emotions

I love you, But you drive me mad, You make me happy, And you make me sad. You make me proud, And then appalled. Make me kind And then so cruel. I love your laughter I hate your spite. I … Continue reading

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