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The flower, Once deadheaded, Springs into bloom once more. Are we so different From our petalled counterparts? Should we really hold dear The parts of life that need deadheading? Or would the courage To rid ourselves of malice, ill and … Continue reading

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Observation of a Friend

She observed her friend, Smiling, Broken, So hurt by one she once loved. The physical wounds healing, The emotional wounds ragged and raw. Each day, the friend applied make up And a smile, And she faced the world. She would … Continue reading

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Walk Away

His eyes bore a hole in her; He waited. And waited, For a response she could not give. He held her gaze, Hope emanating from his bloodshot, Tear-stained eyes. Hands rigid by his side. But she could not forgive him. … Continue reading

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Tired, Undesired, And slightly confused. She put on her coat, And her favourite shoes. This man didn’t want her, She didn’t know why. She did not want him either, But wanted to cry, Because feeling not wanted Though the feelings … Continue reading

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Dear Daughter

You think I don’t listen, I hear every word, Every sigh, Every whisper, Your words aren’t unheard. You think I’m not listening, You think I’m not there, You think that you’re someone Unworthy of care. But I love you, I … Continue reading

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Can You Decide to Love Someone?

Can you decide to love someone? Can you pick a man, Make him The One? Overlook his faults, Downplay the cracks, Ignore his far too hairy back… And if you did that, Would it last Your perfect dreams things of … Continue reading

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Just walk away

I wonder why you care. Why you’re always stood right there, In her presence, By her side, A forlorn look in your eyes. Why you try to make her better, Follow guidelines by the letter, Though she’s lost Yes, she … Continue reading

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