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Questions about Questions

I don’t just Not know the answers, But the questions Still allude me. I cannot help But think that if I knew them I’d be free. But the questions And the answers They escape me, And they taunt me; ‘Til … Continue reading

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When did Tomorrow become Today?

When did this tomorrow, Of which I never cared to think too much, Become today? When did the future, Incomprehensible in size and shape, Come out to play? When did what lay ahead, A meaningless speck on life’s horizon, Enter … Continue reading

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A day in the life of a pre-schooler’s Mum

Why is the sky blue? Why did that cow moo? Why is the world round? Why are moles underground? What does vulva mean? What’s that big machine? What’s Uncle Robin’s name? What’s the point of this game? Who’s that fat … Continue reading

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Now and Then

If you met me now, Would you love me Like you loved me then? And if not now, Then when…

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Can I tell you I love you Too often? Can I wear out, Or weaken, The words? Do my daily Reminders Affirm you? Or do they just Make you think Me absurd?

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Why do I care what you think of me? Why do your opinions determine who I’ll be? Why is it your thoughts, Not mine, That shame me, Tease me, Taunt me, Why? Why do I care what you say about … Continue reading

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Book Spines: to bend or not to bend?

When I was a girl, Someone lent me a book, “Please don’t bend the spine” She said with a look That would terrify Satan, Turn fishes to stone. I hoped I’d live up to The terms of the loan.

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Will we run out of things to say?

When I grow old, And you grow grey, I wonder what We’ll have to say? We’re ten years in, And still we find, Things to say To pass the time. Each time we talk, I learn from you, And your … Continue reading

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I wonder why I try sometimes, I always seem to fail. Dust down, get up and try again Ambitions soon grow frail. The more you want, The more you try, The more that failure stings. Failure’s such a wicked monster … Continue reading

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