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Fresh Eyes

Sometimes, The prejudice of others Lives only in my head. I prepare for battles Never to be fought, I get ready to spar With those whose thoughts Do not align with how And who I am. I fight internally, Eternally … Continue reading

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What we know Is filtered by our flaws, Sometimes more beautiful For this lens Growing bountiful and pure, But sometimes Warped and twisted, Imprinted with times past Or future feared. When then, can re rely On what we think we … Continue reading

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In Darkness

Surrounded by light, Even bright flames appear dull. In darkness, they shine.

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I wonder why I try sometimes, I always seem to fail. Dust down, get up and try again Ambitions soon grow frail. The more you want, The more you try, The more that failure stings. Failure‚Äôs such a wicked monster … Continue reading

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