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I’m (not) Okay

When you asked me how I was today Did you know the words that I would say? Or did you think that ‘I’m okay’ Would answer you, in the same way It’s answered you most every day Though really, I … Continue reading

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When the World is Your Toy

When you are small, Life is filled with great joys, And so many things, That are better than toys. There’s the straw in your drink, You can suck, You can blow, If you blow into milk, You can make bubbles … Continue reading

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A Fond Farewell

I wave farewell, With sinking heart. We spend far too much time apart. Our time together goes too fast, Though in my mind, the memories last. When we’re apart I think of you, And all the funny things you do. … Continue reading

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But You Died

The day you died, I cried and cried. It’s been years now; Still, I cry inside. In you, I wish I could confide, About this grief I fail to hide. But You died.

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Everything Changed

Everything changed when we learnt of you, When we found out we’d be three, not two. Everything changed as my belly grew, As we quickly fell in love with you. Everything changed the moment you arrived, Blinking, wrinkled, very much … Continue reading

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The Bad Girl who Couldn’t be Good – a children’s story poem

There once was a girl who was terribly bad, She just couldn’t learn to be good. She spat and she swore and she didn’t get dressed, Even though she knew full well she should. One day the bad girl got … Continue reading

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When did Tomorrow become Today?

When did this tomorrow, Of which I never cared to think too much, Become today? When did the future, Incomprehensible in size and shape, Come out to play? When did what lay ahead, A meaningless speck on life’s horizon, Enter … Continue reading

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Nanna’s Wishes

As soon as I saw her, I knew she would die, The sight of her old withered limbs made me cry, She beckoned me over, put on a brave face, She said she was ready, I thought it a lie. … Continue reading

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A Sense of Longing

I see you, And I long for you. You’re going about mundane tasks, Industrious as ever, Impervious to my stares. Longing fills my heart and soul, And feels like a baby lodged there, Kicking, Screaming, Dying to be let out. … Continue reading

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It’s not easy being friends sometimes

We’re here for you, We know you’re blue, We’ll do whatever, we can do. We understand, We’ll hold your hand, We know that on your feet, you’ll land. You’re still our friend, Your needs, we’ll tend, Depression won’t, our friendship … Continue reading

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