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Time to Talk

Speak for she is listening, Today, you will be heard. With open ears, And open heart; She’ll hear your every word. And if the words feel broken, Well, that’s okay as well. You can cry, And hold her hand, Until … Continue reading

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More Time

You said goodbye, But meant hello; You clearly didn’t want to go, You had a lot more left to say Before you parted on your way. So eyebrow raised And arms held wide, I pulled you close into my side … Continue reading

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Fat but not happy – the tale of a binge eating spider (yes really)

There once was a spider who lived in a hat, Who ate very fine foods and who grew very fat. But still he kept eating and eating until, He had to spend each waking moment stock still. He could not … Continue reading

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Words Unheard

Between the words That are spoken, Are the words That are meant, You have to Listen carefully, And then meaning Is lent, To turn of a head, Or the twitch of an eye, To the flicking of hair, Or an … Continue reading

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