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The Lie

Although he didn’t lie to her, He did withhold the truth, Which he guessed was kind of similar No innocence, no youth. He told himself twice daily That he did it ‘cos he cared And he never stopped to contemplate … Continue reading

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The Weight of Lies

She couldn’t believe, The things she had done, The things she had said, The untruths that she’d spun. It didn’t seem real, And she wished it weren’t so, And so she pretended, Her smile always on show. She constructed some … Continue reading

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A Dance of Truth and Lies

Your life is such a complicated dance, You say one thing, another grips your mind. If you were honest do you think we’d find You were not worthy of our second glance? You build your life on fiction, not on … Continue reading

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Fragile Friendships

What happens when You know someone, But what you knew was wrong? That what you were Told was the truth, Was pure lies all along? It’s hard to move on forwards, To forgive and to forget. Friendships built on trust … Continue reading

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Emotional Honesty

What if One day When you awoke Your heart was on your sleeve, Your thoughts and feelings Clear to all And no chance to deceive. No filtering No sugar coat No blatant downright lies, Just simple truths Some good Some … Continue reading

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