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Fingers in the Flames

He poked fingers at the fire, To see if it was hot. He had to find out for himself, But the lesson hurt a lot. They’d told him it would burn him, He’d watched the flames leap high; And yet … Continue reading

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I Can Do Anything. Maybe

I say that I don’t need you, I can do this on my own, But in truth, I’ll struggle If I haven’t yet been shown. But I’m too proud to say so, I’ll attempt it anyway, And when I make … Continue reading

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Learning Journey

There was a time I knew it all, I’d nothing left to learn. I’d turn my nose up at advice, Your wisdom, I would spurn. Time passed And I got older, And less wise with passing years. My knowledge ever-shrinking … Continue reading

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The Things I Didn’t Learn at School

When I was small, I learnt at school About important things, Like how to write, And how to draw, And why the black jay sings. But some things I just didn’t learn, Which leave me quite unsure, About the proper … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing is easy Unless you know how, What was not easy then, Might seem quite easy now. What is hard when you’re three Isn’t hard when you’re four, By the time that you’re five, You will know even more.

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Filling Empty Minds

Each one of us starts empty, Just waiting to be filled, With love and words And things we learn; The empty space is killed. Displaced with all the good things, And sometimes with the bad, We learn from Those around … Continue reading

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Perpetual Learners

Every day we’re learning, Though it doesn’t feel that way. The things we learn are varied, Something different with each day. Some days we’re learning how to cope, Or how to say goodbye, Whilst other days we’re chasing Great ambitions … Continue reading

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