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Healing Hold

If I could take your pain away I would. I’d wear it, aching, shaking, But relieved. If I could know That your pain was no more. For now I’ll hold you close To help you heal.

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Your Hand in MineĀ 

I will hold your hand Until there’s no more time, Your hand in mine, Two lives entwined. We’re comforted both, By this holding of hands, We’ve only few words, But we both understand. You worry, But I will look after … Continue reading

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Chicken Pox

If I could itch on your behalf And take away the pain, And steal your fever for myself, I would; Dad feels the same. We hate to see you poorly, And we wish that you were well, The sadness in … Continue reading

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Faithful Furry Friend

Always by my side My ever faithful Mindy; Helping me to heal. [Knocked for six by a fever of 104F (40C) Mindy is proving a great sick nurse]   

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Fever [Haiku]

Temperature rising, Too sick to speak or swallow. Sleep is beckoning

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Get Well Bubba

I wish I could blow Your cold away I’d gladly take it. For you, I’d ball up hankies, And snuffle through long nights, I’d cough and splutter Just to hear you utter I’m okay Mumma. But it doesn’t work that … Continue reading

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Just walk away

I wonder why you care. Why you’re always stood right there, In her presence, By her side, A forlorn look in your eyes. Why you try to make her better, Follow guidelines by the letter, Though she’s lost Yes, she … Continue reading

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