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Have a good time!

They told me to ‘Have a good time!’ And it felt like an order, not one I could follow. I wanted to have a good time, but I knew That I’d smile for the snaps but feel hollow. To have … Continue reading

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Today when we were digging On the sandy beach in Spain, We dug and dug and tunnelled Until we made it home again. We dug all the way to England, So we’d no need for a plane But when we … Continue reading

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One More Sleep

One more sleep ‘Til holiday, Tomorrow we will fly. We’ll grab our bags (All twelve of them) And head into the sky. ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ Will, I’m sure, be your refrain, And the answer, darlings, will be no … Continue reading

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The Never-ending Journey

We drive on and on; Miles pass, scenes change, tempers fray. Tea will reward us…

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The Holiday is Over

It’s been fun Good times had, The thought of leaving Makes me sad; But I’ll be home In a short while, And that thought Really makes me smile.

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And relax…

Sometimes it’s okay just to be, And not to live life perfectly. Not to live life to the full, Making our world beautiful. But just relax, And let time pass, Enjoy the moment, Let it last. Cease with worry, Fear, … Continue reading

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Christmas Baubles

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, Each bell and bauble’s Special to me. Each has a story Of its own; And through the years, The number’s grown. And now my tree Is laiden, heavy, But I can’t bear Not to … Continue reading

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Birthday Blessings

Thanks for all the gifts, And all the cards, And all the cheer. I’m far away but Your kind thoughts All made it over here. The words you wrote And sent to me, Have made me feel so blessed, And … Continue reading

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Vicarious Pleasure

When you smile, I smile And life is good. I never used to know You could Catch happiness From those who mean The world to you But now I’ve seen That when your joy Is pure and true It’s my … Continue reading

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I can’t sleep You whisper softly. Why not? Comes my reply. I’m too excited Mummy, When I wake up we fly… We fly away on holiday Where we’ll dance and sing all day And swim and jump and run about … Continue reading

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