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Pan Full of Feelings

Like water boiling, The feelings came slowly at first, Small bubbles Teasing the surface Testing it. Would it stretch? Would it burst? Small bubbles of fear Anger, Resentment, Upset, Joined together And broke through the surface, Boiling furiously On and … Continue reading

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Seeking Solace in the Stars

Sometimes when I feel lonely, I look up at the night sky, And feel the stars shine down on me, And softly question why… Why do I feel lonely? What makes me feel so sad? And can I think of … Continue reading

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Feeling Safe

When my hand, Is in your hand, All my worries go away. I feel safe, And whole, And happy, As I withdraw from the fray Of daily life, And for a time, I think of nothing more, Than the feeling, … Continue reading

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You think you know me…

You think you know me, But you don’t, You only know my foil. The girl I choose To be each day, In truth, you would recoil. If you could see The real me, The girl behind the mask. Hiding her … Continue reading

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Words can hurt

Words can be so powerful But we rarely stop to think About their repercussions As we take our turn to speak. We utter them unthinkingly, Thoughts tumble unabounded, A thoughtless word or two can mean A problem gets compounded.

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