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The Chase

The faster you run The faster I hide From the demon You you give rise to Clawing inside Of my guts Of my belly My mind And my head It’s monstrous Preposterous Why can’t you instead Just run slowly Less … Continue reading

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Life Partners

Together they walked, Hand in hand, Steps in time, Grey-haired and frail, With memories sublime. Memories of times when Their knees were less weak, When mellifluous words flowed When they chose to speak, When life was a joy Full of … Continue reading

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Foot fall Like leaf fall Came quick And came fast As he heard feet Approaching Was this breath His last? He thought That the feet Would soon pass by, But feared That maybe They wouldn’t… They sounded so near. He … Continue reading

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I am scared. All the time. With every breath, And every step, Fear accompanies me. I am scared of the past. I am scared of the future. Most of all I am scared of now. I am afraid of ending … Continue reading

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I’m done with being scared, I might not be well prepared, And my feet will hurt like hell, And the rest of me will swell. And my time will not be fast, But the miles WILL plod past, And I’ll … Continue reading

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