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A Father’s View – a poem for #EDAW2014

He watched her sleeping. A baby again, With not a care in the world. But the moment she woke, Her world would cave in on her. Make it almost impossible for them both to breathe. Never had he felt so … Continue reading

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Everything and Nothing

She had everything, And nothing. Whatever she wanted, She bought. But some things Need more than money. Some would think it funny, Looking in, On her lavish world,

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Tea, Tea, Glorious tea, Healer of pain And virtually free. Tea and a hug, Is far better still, Tea, hugs and relatives, Is something that will

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On Christmas Day, With Love

With love to you on Christmas Day, The international day of play, When adults, pets and children too, Stop whatever else they do, On every other day each year, And indulge in some festive cheer. Wearing PJs and a smile, … Continue reading

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To my God Daughter

[A poem for my beautiful God Daughter Maddy on the day of her christening] We held you in our arms today, And looked into your eyes, And wondered what the future holds For one so small in size. You’re tiny … Continue reading

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Sleepless Nights

There‚Äôs nowhere where I feel more alone, Than tucked up in my bed in my sweet home, Surrounded by my loving family, With everyone asleep except for me. I toss and turn but sleep eludes me still, My problems could … Continue reading

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Vicarious Pleasure

When you smile, I smile And life is good. I never used to know You could Catch happiness From those who mean The world to you But now I’ve seen That when your joy Is pure and true It’s my … Continue reading

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I can’t sleep You whisper softly. Why not? Comes my reply. I’m too excited Mummy, When I wake up we fly… We fly away on holiday Where we’ll dance and sing all day And swim and jump and run about … Continue reading

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A Ripe Old Age

When you die at 99, Then people tend to say: “A ripe age!” “Good innings!” “A life well lived!” But we wanted another day. Another day to talk to you, And laugh at times gone by, Another day to hold … Continue reading

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