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Pride in her Fall

She was proud of her failures, They showed that she’d tried, She’d out climbed her limits And fell with great pride.

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Failure becomes you, When you become it, When you’re so used to failing That you dumbly sit, And let success escape you, Lending others its charms, Whilst you embrace failure With welcoming arms.

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A Lesson in Failure

There was a time When I was paralysed With fear. Fear of failure. What would people think, I thought, If I tried, But did not succeed? It seemed almost better Not to try at all. If you do not try, … Continue reading

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And so she drank

Disappointed, She looked at her bounty. Two cats, one fish, A child that didn’t love her, And a husband, estranged. Her time had been wasted. The oxygen she breathed Better spent on another, And so she drank. Oblivion, her only … Continue reading

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There’s always time to start again, When things don’t go to plan. Just take deep breaths, To calm yourself, Shake the stress out if you can. 

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When you look inside yourself, What do you see? Someone who’s happy, Contented and free? Or someone who’s trapped In a jail of hurt, Someone who the happiest Feelings desert?

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I wonder why I try sometimes, I always seem to fail. Dust down, get up and try again Ambitions soon grow frail. The more you want, The more you try, The more that failure stings. Failure’s such a wicked monster … Continue reading

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Learning not to try

We are born full of confidence, Willing to try, Not frightened by failure, We aim for the sky. If we fail something first time, We try, try again We’ll try nine times, Or ten times, And only stop when Someone … Continue reading

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