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Losing You

You sleep like a child, Not a care in the world, But you wake Full of puzzle, Confused. Until not long ago You were so sound of mind, Now it feels like your mind’s Been abused. I hate to watch … Continue reading

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Poorly Grandpa

It’s you, But not you, And it scares me like hell. They say you’ll be fine, That your kidney’s unwell. In a man of your age, That can do funny things But I’m gripped with concern And the panic this … Continue reading

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Lost In familiar places, Became the story of his life. Lonely Amongst familiar faces, He didn’t even know his wife. Confused And sad And hurt And aching, He continued Unsure of ways to ease his pain. And so, Confused And … Continue reading

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Stranger’s Hands

These hands were not hers, With their pits and their scars, These hands were the hands Of a stranger. With their tales of life lived, Etched in scars and ridged nails, These were the old hands, Of a stranger. She … Continue reading

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